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The Indulgence Collection

Yes, i have tried all the different flavours - all 4 tubs. Insert long burp sound here. I dare not look at the weighing scale anymore. I might just throw it away soon to make way for more ice cream. Heh.

Heavenly Macadamia
A classic vanilla flavoured ice cream, this flavour leaves a sweet and nutty aftertaste in your tastebuds. I love how the ice cream is smooth yet crunchy at the same time. 

Lush Red Velvet
A red velvet lover? This is the answer to your cravings. This red velvet fix comes with fluffy marshmallows saying "EAT ME" to you once in every few bites.


Delectable Caramel Pecan
I love how well the caramel pecan blends in with the vanilla flavour as the base. Each mouth of this is a silky-smooth-sweet-and-salty ice cream experience. 

Bold Chocolate Decadence
Loving the name. This is my favourite flavour out of the four. It was love at first taste; and no, i'm not biased. I'm speaking on behalf of all chocolate lovers out there. I loveeeeee chocolate ice creams, and i love them especially more when there are chocolate chips in them! And so, this was the perfect one for me. After my first bite, i told (and warned) my sisters not to touch this tub forever because it's mine. Everything about this flavour is just nice, just right.

The Meadow Gold roadshows are still happening in the locations below! Drop by their booth to participate in fun contest, try out the flavours and get special discounts for the ice creams!

Oct 21 to 25 - Empire Shopping Gallery
Oct 26 - Astro Bukit Jalil
Oct 27 - Media Prima Berhad, Sri Pentas
Oct 28 - Jaya 33
Oct 29 - Wisma Ali Bawal

Nov 3 - UTAR, Sungai Long
Nov 4 - Jaya 33

More updates are available on the Meadow Gold Facebook page.

All photos are taken with the iPhone4s.

Meadow Gold: The Indulgence Collection

Ice cream all day every day.

That's my (secret) favourite quote. I don't know if that's even considered a quote, but as long as it makes me feel happy, it is one. That's simply because one can never have too much ice cream. Nobody ever says "I've reached my ice cream quota". Never. That's why it's my utmost pleasure to introduce you to a brand new collection of ice cream: The Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection

The Indulgence Collection consists of four delectable flavours:

  • Bold Chocolate Decadence 
  • Delectable Caramel Pecan
  • Heavenly Macadamia
  • Lush Red Velvet

Can't wait to review the flavours! You'll read all about em' in my next post :)

I went for the Meadow Gold roadshow at The Curve earlier today, and they've some a pretty good deal going on now. The usual price for a 750ml tub is RM21.90 (inclusive of GST), but if you purchase it at the roadshow, you'll get a special promotional price. What's better is that you can have a go at all the flavours on the spot before purchasing them. It doesn't get any better than this.

Here are some photos from the roadshow today :)

This life size ice cream tub is too cool. If only it was real :')

And so.

I got four tubs of ice cream from Meadow Gold


I know.

I'm the happiest girl alive right now. 

You know who else is happy? Them.

I have a strong feeling my 4 tubs of ice cream will be gone before sunset tomorrow.

Good news! There will be many roadshows happening in the next couple of weeks. Go try out the flavours for yourselves at the venue nearest to you!

Oct 13 - Tokio Marine
Oct 15 - Menara Dialog
Oct 17 - KWC Kenanga Mall
Oct 19 - IMU
Oct 20 - NSTP
Oct 21 to 25 - Empire Shopping Gallery
Oct 26 - Astro Bukit Jalil
Oct 27 - Media Prima Berhad, Sri Pentas
Oct 28 - Jaya 33
Nov 3 - UTAR, Sungai Long

More updates are available on the Meadow Gold Facebook page.

Happy indulging!