Lost For Words: Bridal Shower


Where do i even begin? This happened exactly two weeks back, yet i still feel like it happened yesterday. Everything is still so vivid in my memories – and i'm pretty sure it'll stay so for a really long time.

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The Wedding Card

One of the things i really wanted to do since the start of our wedding prep is to document all the milestones we have and will achieve together, no matter how big or small they may be. And one of the milestones has gotta be our wedding card! With Pinterest at our fingertips these days, i must say we're really spoilt for choice.

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How I Feel As A Bride-To-Be...

...whose wedding is coming up in just one month's time.

Happy because i'm getting married to the man i love.
Sad because i don't wanna move out. I don't wanna start packing even though i should totally start doing that already.
Excited because i'm moving into a new home with my husband, and we get to decorate the house the way we like it to be.

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Sunburnt at Melaka

Yeap, that's pretty much what happened at our pre-wedding photoshoot 2 days ago! I woke up at 520am, and Suyen my hair & makeup artist arrived at 530am to get everything going! Man, I've not woken up this early before in my life

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Here we go.

It's been more than 7 months since i said "yes", which means in less than 5 month, we'll be called husband and wife. I wanted to create an avenue for me to...

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