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fashion: daily grace

Here's one of our recent collaborations with a new fashion label called Daily Grace. They're a brand new fashion line that's based in Malaysia, but ships internationally. If you love the simple, classy and chic – you'll love Daily Grace. Do check em' out! 

Model: Wei Qi
Venue: The White Atelier



Daily Grace

family: gordon + jaslynn + caitlyn

Family is not an important thing. It is everything.

Capturing the love this family has for each other has been nothing short of a true joy and privilege. This is one very special family; one that is so fiercely knitted together in love and is filled with so much unspoken strength.

Jaslynn had to go through kidney dialysis throughout her pregnancy with baby Caitlyn. As if it is not already challenging to be carrying a life in your body, having to also go through dialysis and all the emotional roller coaster rides while being pregnant is really something that requires a form of strength like no other. I am so inspired by you guys, Gordon & Jaslynn!

You can read more about their story here.


When Caitlyn turned one, Gordon decided to surprise Jaslynn by printing out some of the photos from our photoshoot - to honor her as a mother whose love and strength know no bounds. Seeing her reaction after seeing the photos on the wall literally put me to tears. I shall let you enjoy the video for yourself! 

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the white atelier: official launch

In April last year, my dear sister Careen officially launched her bridal business - The White Atelier. It's a business that aims to make brides-to-be look and feel their best on their special day. You can custom make your dream gown or rent one off the racks at The White Atelier! Wedding shoes are available for sales too; you can even design your own if you want! It's nothing short of a privilege for me to be a part of this momentous day for my sister. 

Long overdue: Here are some photos from that special day! Enjoy.

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Couple Portrait: Eve & Kenny

There's nothing else i enjoy doing more than to help create memories for people, and to create some sense of permanence out of those memories in the form of photos. 

Eve and Kenny are the coolest couple ever! They love all things beautiful and creative, fresh and funky. It was such fun shooting with them over a hot yet memorable afternoon. And they just tied the knot a week ago! Congrats once again, Eve and Kenny! 

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I Have A Thing For Black and White Photos

Yeap, the title says it all.

Since young, i was very drawn to black and white photos mainly because it intensifies the feelings and emotions you get from looking at a photograph. I've always been amazed at how a black and white filter could make such a big difference to a photo. While i'm still a big fan of coloured filters, black and white ones will always have a special spot in my heart (and vsco). There are just certain stories that only a black and white photo can tell. 

Here's my black and white collection from my recent trip to Malmo and Copenhagen :)

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